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Meet Holistic Bump

Your Perinatal Wellness Expert

My name is Tova McCall and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, licensed in both New York and New Jersey. I also have a perinatal mental health certification and specialize working with moms and couples who are trying to get pregnant, pregnant or in the postpartum phase of life.  My expertise come from training, years of experience as a mental health clinician and from experience as a mom of two. In my practice, I utilize EMDR, Prolonged Exposure therapy and CBT. On my YouTube, I provide tips and insights on various new mom and new parent practical and therapeutic techniques to utilize at home. I take a holistic approach to my practice and in my video segments as I believe that navigating this new season of life is multifaceted. In order to manage this new parent role, you have to be in-tune with yourself emotionally, physically, intellectually, relationally, and spiritually.

On, you'll get the chance to download various evidence-based therapeutic tools that has helped numerous clients of mine over the years and please don't forget to subscribe to receive regular newsletters, updates and FREE worksheets that I have developed.

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